Creating – the process of making something out of nothing – is a gift from God. I believe it’s the divine that glows in all of us; the ability to create is innate in every person.

As with all good gifts, being creative results in experiencing the complete range of human emotions. This process isn’t always about peace and solace. Creativity is also about pain and anguish as we struggle to design and shape.

Life allows us to remodel and evolve; I see God’s hand in this making and shaping. Marriage, raising children, and growing middle aged are some of my catalysts for change. 

My own creativity has grown and been transformed along with me.

With gratitude I acknowledge that I’m surrounded by the contributions others have generated and shared. This molding and building by men and women, past and present, contribute to my genealogy of creativity.

Being a participant in life, for me, means to engage and share the gifts I have. Adding what I have learned and have been given for the benefit others brings me great joy.

A design, like the person who creates it, grows, evolves and becomes too big to contain. The shaping of a musical idea, as it painfully and joyfully matures, is one of the ways I feel called to be involved with life.

What about you?  What are ways that you feel inspired to create and contribute? 

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